PICASSO~Pablo – Picasso and the war years


Author: Steven A. Nash e.a.
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Publisher: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0-500-09274-5

Hardback, dust jacket, 256 pages, 
Condition: fine

This book draws upon new research and works that, in some cases, were held out of public view in Picasso's own collection to explore the critically important -- but still under-studiedperiod of his life from the time of the Spanish Civil War through World War II and the Nazi occupation of France. This span of years is marked by some of the most intensely personal and expressive work of his long and diverse career. This book is published in conjunction with a major exhibition organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. It traces Picasso's responses to the cataclysm of war as manifested in a lengthy series of figure paintings, still lifes, portraits, and cityscapes, amplified by prints, drawings, and photographs, drawn from collections all around the world. (less)

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