OLDENBURG~Claes – A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages. Claes Oldenburg. Drawings, Sculptures, and Large-Scale Projects with Coosje van Bruggen.


Author: Germano Celant a.o.
Publisher: Rizzoli/ Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
Year: 1988
ISBN: 0-8478-0946-3

Softcover, 234 pp. English
Condition: new
No other major sculptor of our time has revealed the hidden potencies of everyday objects with such penetrating aptness, quick-wittedness and daring as Claes Oldenburg. He has seen in Giant Ice-Bag the dome of the United States Capitol, and contrived a huge Lipstick Ascending on Caterpillar Tracks as a platform for student speeches (the speaker mounting the tracks and pumping up the stick to get attention, the stick sinking down after the speech), and a Cemetery in the Shape of a Colossal Screw Skyscraper, intended for Sâo Paolo, which, as it is filled with coffins, screws into the earth until only the head projects above ground as a memorial. The associations are remarkable because the artist makes crucial leaps from everyday objects to extraordinary images bypassing the obvious.

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