McCALL~Anthony – Face to Face


Author: Jaap Guldemond, Luke Smythe, Maxa Zoller, Nathalie Zonnenberg
Artist: Anthony McCall
Publisher: Eye museum en nai101 publishers
Year: 2014

Softcover, English, 168 pages
Condition: as new

Anthony McCall (London 1946) is seen as one of the main representatives of the avant-garde movements in the visual arts and the cinema of the 1970s. With his work, McCall explores the most basic elements of cinema: light and projection. His installations are possessed of a breathtaking beauty as well as crystalclear simplicity.

His large light projections are at once space-filling, three-dimensional sculptures and ephemeral drawings. McCall’s work has inspired an entire generation of artists who work with film and installations.

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