LIZAMA~Camilo – Medea*


Publisher: Camilo Lizama, Santiago de Chile
Year: 2017
Artist: Camilo Lizama

Hardcover, 26x21 cm



Today we are going to see a fantastic book, and when I say fantastic it’s really amazing in all its aspects. The book “Medea” by the artist Camilo Lizama was one of the most pleasant surprises this year.

First, let’s look at the story of the book. More and more I find this point more important, good stories. “Medea” tells us the story through the eyes of the author, of a criminal case, the crime of the Red brothers, tragedy that took place in 2008, in the district of Puente Alto, Santiago de Chile. In this crime, Jeannette Hernandez Castro, murdered her son Esteban Rojo with six years old and tried to assassinate his other son Pablo Rojo with fiveteen years old. All this issue was due jealousy and despair when she discovered that her husband, Pablo Rojo Rodriguez had an affair with popular singer Miriam Peña, “la Rancherita.” This was the cause, the fuse that triggered this crime. And in the century we live in, I ask … is it worth it? But this is another story.The issue of the press and how the society faced this crime is something that the author also devoted great importance to the development of the project.

And this was the premise for Camilo to start his project, because he focused on several surrounding aspects of the crime itself. In their images we can find several different elements, but all together lead us to a great depth of this case.Covers of newspapers, maps, small objects (which are symbolic, a key to a door, a tape recorder, a hammer), the prison where Jeannette was sent, the hospital where her children were, the graveyard with Esteban tombstone. a complex project, which illustrates well the complexity of the criminal case itself, and I think the author has done an extraordinary work across the this story.

Which brings me to the second point, the book, or the way which is presented to the public. All these elements, and all this complicity, could be a problem to form the final form of the project, but in my eyes, the book is fantastic, the layout and sequence of the book are very well thought, through the very action of the criminal case, the combination of the various elements, color photographs, black and white photographs, objects, newspaper details, maps, a “lost” letter in the middle of the book, all make this project something special, emotional, and incredible.

In technical aspects, it’s an hardcover book, very well printed, no point against, story, layout, design…