LIESHOUT~Joep van. collectie 1989 en 1990


Publisher: Joep van Lieshout, Rotterdam
Year: 1990
Artist: LIESHOUT~Joep van

Joep van Lieshout, collectie 1989 en 1990

First Edition. Loose Pages in a Ringbinder, 225 x 200 Mm. 42 pages, full colour reproductions of the works in a ringbinder. cover red, as originally published. Colour examples, sizes ans prices.

“In the ’80’s van Lieshout makes sculptures of piled crates and paving stones. He looks for perfect proportions and fixed compositions. By arranging these standard sizes objects in different ways new forms come into being. The objects fit in the same measuring plan.”
Kitchen-units, bookcases, bath-units etc.
The first catalogue on the oeuvre of the artist.

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