LIESHOUT~Joep van. Atelier van Lieshout (currently unavailable)


Author: Allen, Aaron Betsky, Rudi Laermans, Wouter Vanstiphout~Jennifer
Publisher: NAI Publishers Rotterdam
Year: 2007
Artist: LIESHOUT~Joep van
ISBN: 978-90-5662-482-8

Atelier Van Lieshout

currently unavailable

Illustrated (colour) / Integral binding / 340 pages / Size: 23 x 28 cm, English edition

Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) was established in 1995 by Joep van Lieshout (b. 1963). The contrarian applied art by the Rotterdam-based AVL collective is presented all over the world at dozens of exhibitions each year. Often produced using polyester, the objects, furniture, machines and luxuriously appointed ‘mobile homes’ are not only intriguing in form and ingeniously constructed, but they are also surprisingly multifunctional.

This richly illustrated publication provides an overview of AVL’s new, serious and often provocative work: from items of furniture and mobile architecture to wholly self-sufficient ‘survival campers’, autonomous communes and surrealistic art projects. One of the highlights is AVL’s biggest project so far: AVL-Ville (2001), a ‘free state’ that Atelier Van Lieshout created in Rotterdam’s port, complete with its own flag, its own constitution and its own currency.

The most important projects by AVL, the collective’s sources of inspiration and its members’ reflections on art, architecture and design in a social context are described in an essay by the art critic Jennifer Allen. In his essay, Aaron Betsky approaches AVL’s work from his expert perspective as an architecture and design critic. An essay by the sociologist Rudi Laermans examines the functioning of urban society in relation to AVL’s projects.

“Dirty, delicious and direct.”

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