LENARD~Ilona. Sculpture City.


Author: Meuwissen e.a.~Joost
Publisher: Uitgeverij 010 Publishers Rotterdam
Year: 1995
Artist: LENARD~Ilona
ISBN: 90-6450-229-3

Sculpture City. Ilona LENARD.

48 pp / 300 x 300 mm / paperback with cd-rom

Attila: Ilona Lénárd, Kas Oosterhuis, Menno Rubbens
Photography by Hans Werlemann
Designed by Ilona Lénárd, Kas Oosterhuis, Menno Rubbens, Károly Tóth
Translation by John Kirkpatrick


This book plus cd-rom is inspired by the Sculpture City Manifestation which was held in Rotterdam in the RAM Gallery and the Dutch Architectural Institute (NAi). The Sculpture City Manifestation was containing four major events: the Sculpture City Exhibition, The Sculpture City Conference, The Sculpture City Workshop and the Sculpture City Networkshop. The Sculpture City Manifestation is initiated by artist Ilona Lénárd, and by architects Kas Oosterhuis and Menno Rubbens, all founding members of the ATTILA Foundation.

Can a building be a sculpture? Can a sculpture be a building? Or, more precisely, can buildings be autonomous sculptures? Can sculptures be functional buildings? The building sculptures of Sculpture City form the conclusive evidence. Without a major shift in the professional attitudes of both art and architecture building sculptures will not be feasible. Both disciplines must be redefined. New boundaries for their freedom of movement are set by the state of the art of thinking and technique. Sculpture City is a virtual city which parallels the real existing city of Rotterdam. It can be judged in two ways: first, non-topically as an autonomous virtual city, containing building sculptures which can be experienced (smelled, touch, hear, felt) while travelling through its virtual environment, and second, topically plugged into the real world of Rotterdam, displaying sculptural qualities and causing a diversity of social implications at the site. The digitised world of Sculpture City can be transformed into a tangible reality in the domain of metrial architecture and art. The Sculpture City book and CD-Rom lead through a tantalizing world of unheard-of possibilities. They are indispensable if you want to keep up with developments you can no longer afford to ignore.

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