Kippenberger, Martin – En cas de Reclamation les Sentiments Vous Seront Remoursés*


Author: Jutta Koether
Publisher: Halle Sud, Geneva
Year: 1989

Paperback, Glue Bound, French / German, 94 pages, 21 x 15.5 cm.
Offset Printed  Color / Black-and-White
Edition of 1000 copies
Condition: good / light discoloration spots on the cover, content very good
Translated as In Case of Complaint, Your Feelings Will Be Reimbursed, this is a catalogue raisonné of cards from 1978 to 1989 published according to Kippenberger’s concept and design to accompany the 1989 exhibition of the same name at the Halle Sud in Geneva. A text entitled “Kippenberger, verstehen!” by Jutta Koether runs throughout the book in German and French. The book’s design is based on the catalogue Meisterwerke des Museums São Paulo issued by the Berner Kunstmuseum in 1954. References: Uwe Koch, Annotated catalogue raisonné of the books by Martin Kippenberger 1977-1997, 2003. p. 188.

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