JANSSEN~Horst – Posters – Pieces of Art


Artist: Horst Janssen
Author: Dierk Lemcke en Christoph Selke
Publisher: Verlag St. gertrude GmbH, Hamburg
Year: 1999
ISBN: 3-923848-81-1

Soft cover. Catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, 1 October - 14 November 1999. 244 plates. 


"Horst Janssen is a once-in-a-century phenomenon, an impressive and celebrated draughtsman very few can match up to. And yet there are still some - as yet scarcely noticed - facets of his work remaining to be discovered. Janssen's oeuvre confronts the observer like an enormous, artistic moutain massif of countless drawings, woodcuts, etchings, monotypes, watercolours, pictorial letters, postcards and posters. In all of them he broke the bounds of the 'standard measure'. Everything about him was extraordinary, including the number of posters he designed and the number of versions which were printed." - from Foreward.

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