Framis~Alicia – ‘Works 1995 -2003’


Author: Ole Bouman, Lilet Breddels, Elisabeth Brouwer, Bart Cassiman, Rein Wolfs, Alicia Frames
Publisher: Artimo, Amsterdam
Year: 2003
ISBN: 90-75380-77-1

Hardback, 128 pages, Spanish / English, 27 x 22 x 2 cm
Condition: very good
Alicia Framis (1967, ES) work focuses more on the society and the social context in which art is functioning, then on the art object itself. She uses different media, like video, photography, and performance, depending on the subject and at the context. Very often her work is ephemeral and exists afterwards only in documentation, stories and the memory of people who have seen or experienced it. Framis is often working in collaboration with other artists, architects designers to realize her ideas. This monograph documents all major works and projects produced by Alicia Framis between 1995 and 2003.

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