Mesic~Lana – ‘Clever Eyes’*


Author: Lana Mesic
Publisher: Self published
Year: 2016

Paperback, 48 pages, 20 x 27 cm, English, edition of 600 hand numbered copies, 194/600
Condition: NEW
The main departure point of Croatian-born artist Lana Mesić’s work is the mind’s constant struggle in dealing with things that do not have an image, such as abstract notions on god, quantum physics, emotions, and cultural dynamics. She is especially curious how our mind (subjectively or collectively) fills in these visual gaps. ‘Clever Eyes’ represents a section from ‘Codex Invisiblis’, an archive of images in which each section deals with a different notion of the phenomenon of invisibility. The book’s content maps our perceptions of the invisible universe, offering a holistic view of the cosmos through references to history, mythology, ritual, faith, and (pseudo-) science.