WIT~Marije de – ‘Boardwalk’*


Publisher: Marije de Wit, Rotterdam
Year: 2011
Artist: WIT~Marije de

Stencil printed
by Knust, Nijmegen. Supported by FBKVB, Amsterdam. 42 pages, 20.5 x 14 cm.,
Paperback, glue bound. Edition of 200.
Boardwalk is a collection of collages
made from the vestiges of newspaper and Internet imagery by artist Marije De
Wit. These ordinary, even mundane, sets of images are emancipated from their
original context once they are cut and pasted into layers of amalgamated
juxtaposition and possibility. After the collage process, De Wit re-photographs
these cutouts in black and white and formats them into a book-like visual
narrative, creating another layer of reproduction that removes them from preconceived
frameworks concerning originality and meaning. Interspersed throughout the
re-photographed images of politicians, gymnasts, and animals are photos of
original ceramic sculptures made by the artist, acting as the commas between
abstraction and the commonplace.

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