Prince~Richard – ‘T-Shirt Paintings: Hippie Punk’*


Author:  Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn. Edited by Fabienne Stephan. 
Publisher: JRP|Ringier / Salon 94, New York
ISBN-13: 978-3-03764-213-9

Softcover, 72 pages, first edition, 28 x 19,5 cm, rare
Condition: new
"Richard Prince's work cannibalizes all forms of sexual desire. His Marlboro man is both strapping cowboy and homoerotic; his de Kooning women sit in some trans-gendered, orgiastic state; his Girlfriends are mistresses in muscle cars; and his nurses range from savage to schoolgirl. Even so, his T-Shirt paintings are made from the vantage point of a straight man. Rooted in a more private practice, these works reveal Prince as working artist, rock 'n' roll fan, collector, good father, and fantasy lover…Richard's T-Shirt paintings transmit this unpredictable male aura. The paintings are casually assembled--as if hastily stripped from his torso and stapled onto the stretched. Some are printed with jokes, others with an RP trademark, and most are paint stained, seemingly slept in. We are in bed with Richard Prince--Rauschenberg's Bed refashioned."
Jeanne Greenberg, excerpted from Richard Prince: Hippie Punk in Richard Prince: T-Shirt Paintings.

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