Prince~Richard – ‘De Kooning Catalogue’*


Publisher: Gagosian Gallery, Paris
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-935263-39-5
Hardcover, 31.1 x 24.8 cm; 68 pages, fully illustrated in tipped in color plates and full bleed illustrations; blue cloth stamped in white with color illustration affixed to front board. First edition.
Designed by McCall Associates, New York; Printed by Shapco Printing, Minneapolis, MN
Prince’s de Kooning series is a process of interaction with the canonic imagery of the Abstract Expressionist idol Willem de Kooning. The idea for these edgy Oedipal works came to him when he was leafing through a catalogue of de Kooning’s Women series. He started sketching over the paintings, sometimes drawing a man to de Kooning’s woman. As time went on, he began applying fragments of male and female torsos, genitalia, thighs, and facial features, cut and pasted from catalogues and vintage porn magazines, as well as drawing with graphite and oil crayon, adding outlines, silhouettes and textures to the original figures that further blur the distinction between de Kooning’s imagery and Prince’s own.

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