Author: Nijenhius, Tom Moton~Peter
Year: 2010
Artist: CORNELISSEN~Ronald
Publisher: Ronald Cornelissen, Rotterdam
ISBN: 978-90-9025853-9

Softback, 64 pp. Dutch/English
Condition: very good
Since 1988
visual artist Ronald Cornelissen (1960)
has been making drawings, sculptures and installations. The relationship between the person and his or
her direct (urban) environment and the friction this evokes are a central theme
in the artist's work. As a source of inspiration, a key role is created for the
urban subculture of comic strips, graffiti and music.

This publication shows
for the first time a mayor summary of the drawings of Cornelissen from 2004
until now. The book has two text's. One by English curator and art critic Tom Morton who in his personal and
dynamic style gives his vision on the drawings of Cornelissen. And a text by Peter Nijenhuis , who is the visual arts
program director of K13, who goes into detail about the drawing style or lack
of it in Cornelissen's work.

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