Wij zijn gek, Nederlandse straatkunst in de jaren zeventig.


Author: Bas Roodnat
Publisher: Erven Thomas Rap, Baarn
Year: 1977
Isbn: 90-6005-138-6
Softcover, unpag. (114 pages) Dutch. 29.5 x 21 x 0.8 cm.
First edition. Quarto. Scarce, and superb photographic documentation of Dutch street graffiti from the 1970’s. A very good copy in photo-illustrated
Condition: good, cover with little teaces of use
From the publisher:
Bas Roodnat started in the beginning of the seventies,  collecting photographically what, while traveling through the Netherlands, he saw in terms of human expressions on walls, fences, on the streets, sheds, warehouses and bridges. 
Written texts, drawings, complete paintings. 
So all together wall art, in the beginning mainly very unofficial, later also half or completely official wall art. 
People like to leave their mark somewhere. 
If you look at these written or drawn traces in conjunction with each other, you can sometimes come to some nice conclusions. 
And once you have the taste of paying attention, you can go on endlessly, because we keep writing on the walls.

Wij Zijn Gek, Nederlandse Straatkunst In De Jaren Zeventig (We Are Crazy, Dutch Streetart In The Seventies) is a (black/white) publication on early forms of human expression in the public domain in The Netherlands. 
The photos in Wij Zijn Gek! are subdivided by theme:
-Binnenlandse politiek (Internal politics)
-Oorlog in de Nieuwmarktbuurt (War in the Nieuwmarkt area)
-Boodschappen (Messages)
-De verliefden (The lovers)
-Buitenlandse politiek (Foreign policy)
-Noem ze maar objecten (Call them objects)
-Reklame (Advertising)
-Muurschilderingen (Murals)
-De wilde plakkers (The wild pasters)
The published photos were taken between 1974 and 1977 by Bas Roodnat and pre-dates the so-called Punk graffiti movement which in turn was the forerunner of what we know today as graffiti and street art.- Timski

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