Magiciens de la Terre*


Author: Jean-Hubert Martin (ed)
Publisher:  Editions du Centre Pompidou, Paris
Year: 1989
ISBN: 2858504989

Hardcover, 272 pages, French, 36 x 29,5 cm
Condition: very good, near mint

 Abramovic, Marina. Adams, Dennis. Akpan, S. J., Alberola. Jean-Michel, Amidou. Dossou, Anselmo, Giovanni. Araeen, Rasheed. Bajracharya, Nuche Kaji. Baldessari, John. Bedia, Jose. Ben, Jr., Joe. Bertrand, Jean-Pierre. Bien Aime, Gabriel. Boetti, Alighiero e. Boltanski, Christian. Bourgeois, Louise. Brouwn, Stanley. Bruly-Bouabre, Frederic. Bulatov, Erik. Buren, Daniel. Byars, James Lee. Camara, Seni. Chukwukelu, Mike. Clemente, Francesco. Couturier, Marc. Cragg, Tony. Cucchi, Enzo. Dambi, Cleitus / Dumbrang, Nick / Wem, Ruedi. Dawson, Neil. Devi, Bowa. Didi, Maestre. Dimitrijevic, Braco. Efiambelo. Fundi, John. Galan, Julio. Gershuni, Moshe. Gomez, Enrique. Gu, Dexing. Haacke, Hans. Horn, Rebecca. Houshiary, Shirazeh. Huang, Yongping. Jaar, Alfredo. Jambruk, Nera. Kabakov, Ilya. Kawaguchi, Tatsuo. Kawara, On. Kiefer, Anselm. Kingelez, Bodys Isek. Kirkeby, Per. Knight, John. Kossi, Agbagli. Kruger, Barbara. Kuniliusee, Paulosee. Kwei, Kane. Lakhdar, Boujemaa. Liautaud, Georges. Linares, Felipe. Long, Richard. Mahlangu, Esther. Malich, Karel. Mashe, Jivya Soma. Mawandjul, John. Meireles, Cildo. Merz, Mario. Miralda. Miyajima, Tatsuo. Morrisseau, Norval. Munoz, Juan. Munyaradzi, Henry. Oldenburg, Claes / Van Bruggen, Coosje. Paik, Nam June. Philidor, Wesner. Polke, Sigmar. Rabden, Temba. Rego, Ronaldo Perelro. Samba, Cheri. Sarkis. Seven Seven, Twins. Sharma, Raja Babu. Singh Shyam, Jangarh. Spero, Nancy. Spoerri, Daniel. Teshigahara, Hiroshi. Thannoon, Yousuf. Thinle, Lobsang / Sherpa, Bhorda / Palden, Lobsang. Tokudagba, Cyprien. Ulay. Unsworth, Ken. Unya, Chief Mark / Emedem, Nathan. Vilaire, Patrick. Vyakul, Acharya. Wall, Jeff. Weiner, Lawrence. Wodiczko, Krzysztof. Wululu, Jimmy. Wunuwun, Jack. Yang, Jie Chang. Yuendumu. Zush. 
At the Centre Pompidou and the Grande Halle de la Villette, from 18 May to 14 August 1989, "Magiciens de la terre" surprised audiences and the critics, museums and the market. In a contemporary art world then limited to the borders of Europe and North America, Jean-Hubert Martin, its curator, had invited artists from all continents, spotted one by one during long field missions carried out over many years in search of practices rooted in ancestral cultures, resistant to post-colonialism, in the fight against totalitarianism and, above all, curious about the emerging global expansion. There they met other curious people: some Western artists, although perfectly integrated into the mainstream networks, but driven by the need for intercultural dialogue. The latter produced works that would resonate with the singular energy and the unprecedented shock that would be triggered by those of these "new artists" who had, until then, been "invisible". A pioneering initiative, " Magiciens de la terre " was soon perceived as innovative.

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