Wurm~Erwin – ‘Wear Me Out’


Author: foreword by Menno Meewis, Philip Heylen, Benno Tempel
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Year: 2011
ISBN:  978-3-7757-3218-5

Hardcover clothbound, 148 pages, English, German, 23.70 x 28.80 cm
Condition: new
Where does fashion stop and art begin? Erwin Wurm and Walter Van Beirendonck explore the border zone

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm (*1954) works with videos, drawings, sculptures, photos, and installations that take on anything but traditional forms. In his One Minute Sculptures, which marked Wurm’s international breakthrough, he used simple instructional drawings to invite viewers to themselves become sculptures. Wurm also throws his own body into the battle by sculpting it with many layers of clothing or subjecting it to an extreme diet. He extended the idea of a voluminous body to lifeless objects such as cars and houses. Wurm's perplexing and often extremely ironic works have made an immense contribution to his popularity.

The artist’s book presents Wurm’s latest work: furniture, drawings, outdoor sculptures, and—for the first time—clothing, developed in collaboration with the innovative Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

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