Williams~Heathcote – Of Dylan and his Deaths


Author: Williams~Heathcote
Publisher: Cold Turkey Press, France
Year: 2015
Artist: Bellaart~Gerard
Heathcote Williams – Of Dylan and his Deaths

Stiff ill. wrappers, 42 pp. 260x200mm, 170 grs, cover 300grs.
This first edition limited to 36 numbered copies 18/36

“Finally, a note about the book as an artifact. It is a unique production, as all Cold Turkey Press publications are. Book collectors I’ve met know this about Cold Turkey, and they especially value that. I’m not a book collector in the strict sense of the term. But I do value books and I do collect signed copies of authors I’ve known who’ve been kind enough to inscribe them for me. So when I say that both the look and feel of this book tempt perfection, I say it as a layman. But I believe that specialists will appreciation the production as much as I do. The 15 pt. Bembo typeface, the large trim size (260x200mm), the quality of the paper stock (170 grs, cover 300grs), the rare photo illustrations — all of that contributes handsomely to the pleasure I felt.

Jan Herman