WENDINGEN, 1920, volume 3 – 10, ‘Erich Mendelsohn.’


Omslag/cover: H.Th. Wijdeveld

Volume of the renowned architectural magazine Wendingen, dedicated to German architecture Erich Mendelsohn, known for his expressionist, organic designs, like the Einsteintower in Potsdam (page 10-13).
H.Th. Wijdeveld - Erich Mendelsohn. - Amsterdam, 1920. 20 blz. Vele zwart-wit illustraties, 1 page two-coloured: yellow-black. Japanse bindwijze met raffia. Omslag typografisch door H.Th. Wijdeveld. With introduction by J.F. Staal. (Wendingen serie 3, nummer 10) -

Dutch text.

Condition: Good. Spine and edges worn.

*See also: Martijn F. Le Coultre - Wendingen 1918-1932. A journal for the arts. (2001) - page 104-105.

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