WENDINGEN, 1919, volume: 2 – 7, ‘Houtsneden’. (sold)


Omslag/cover: R.N. Ronald Holst

Highly sought-after volume of the renowned art and architecture magazine Wendingen with approx. 60 original woodcuts by the leading Dutch artist of that time, complete with the Jan Mankes woodcut & the large separate woodcut by Lion Cachet.
H.Th. Wijdeveld - Houtsneden nummer. -
Amsterdam, 1919. 60 pages. Approx. 60 original woodcuts (incl. 1 large folding separate woodcut by C.A. Lion Cachet). Japanse bindwijze met raffia. Omslag lithografie door R.N. Roland Holst. - (Wendingen: jaargang 2, nummer 7/8). -
Dutch text. -

Condition: The woodcuts are in very good condition. The cover is slightly worn on the edges as usual.

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