WENDINGEN, 1918, volume 1 – 6 , ‘Indrukken ener tentoonstelling.’


Omslag/cover: H.A. van Anrooy

Issue of Wendingen dedicated to architecture and applied art, with contributions of, among others, Lauweriks and Blaauw

H. Th. Wijdeveld (typography) - Wendingen - Amsterdam: De Hooge Brug, 1918 - 1st edition - 22 pp. - Japanese binding with raffia - 34 × 34 cm. Series 1, issue 6: Architectuur/toegepaste kunst. Cover: Lithograph of Aart van Dobbenburgh after a design by H.A. van Anrooy. Dutch.

With contributions of i.a. J.L. M. Lauweriks, C.J. Blaauw, Jan Wils (with 2 illustrations), J.M. van Hardeveld (4 illustrations), Roland Holst and Hildo Krop.

Condition: Good.The cover is slightly worn on the edges as usual.
Also described on pp. 70-71 of Le Coultre, Martijn F. (2001). Wendingen, a Journal for the Arts. New York, USA: Princeton Architectural Press

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