Walther~Franz Erhard


Artist: Franz Erhard Walther
Author: Werner Hofmann, Uwe M. Schneede et al. Luisa Pauline Fink, Hubertus Gaßner (ed.).
Publisher: Hamburger Kunsthalle. Hatje Cantz 
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9783775736374

Softback, 152 pages, English/German,  22.6 x 24 cm.
Condition: NEW

In the early sixties, Franz Erhard Walther (*1939 in Fulda) developed a new concept of sculpture in his oeuvre. The formal simplicity of his sculptural objects created out of textiles, paper, and steel are reminiscent of Minimalism.

However, for Walther the so-called work sets also become part of the work with the aid of the artist or the viewer – predefined sequences of movements that can be performed with the objects. Besides sculptural works, the volume presents drawings and photographs that make this conceptual dimension visible. Franz Erhard Walther will make changes to the exhibition several times during its run, thus demonstrating the different states of the works.

The publication documents the processual form of presentation of the holdings of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, which are examined in terms of their history and questioned with respect to their topicality.

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