Violette Cornelius & Eddy Posthuma de Boer~Violette – ‘ PTT. The Connection – 1962


Author:Jan Elburg. 
Publisher:Centrale Directie van het Staatsbedrijf der PTT, The Hague. 
Year: 1962. 

Softcover, first printing.  192 x 242 mm , 76 pages. 39 black and white photos, 10 in colour. English / Dutch

Conditon: Outside lightly used. Inside very fine, clean without marks and without foxing. No defects. Overall good condition! 

Photos: Violette Cornelius and Eddy Posthuma de Boer (black and white), Paul Huf (colour).  Illustrations: Jan Bons. 
Graphic design: Juriaan Schrofer.  
Collector`s copy! Scarce! 

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