Van Den Hurk & Hans Demeulenaere~Bas – ‘Politics of Installation.’


Author:  Hans Demeulenaere, Bas van den Hurk
Publisher:  Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2015
ISBN : 9789491843464

Paperback, 64 pages, 20 x 27 cm, English.hurk
Condition: NEW
Roma Publications

In the spring of 2015, two exhibitions under the title ‘Politics of Installation’ were made by Belgian artists Hans Demeulenaere and Bas van den Hurk. The title refers to a text by Boris Groys, in which he claims that installations made by artists reveal a sovereign world. Within these “worlds” there is not one dominant perspective, but rather an exchange of multiple perspectives. An important part of the project was to include art historical lines based on architectural elements. Demeulenaere refers to the work of architect Aldo van Eyck, and Van den Hurk to the architecture of Juliaan Lampens.


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