Verschuren~Kees; Jacobs~Teun; – Steen in water – een onbekend aardwerk voor de 1e Maasvlakte*


Authors: Sandra Smets, Han Lörzing 
Publisher: ICU art projects, Rotterdam
Year: 2014 
ISBN: 978-90-819835-1-8

Softcover, Dutch, 58 pages, 
Condition: as new.
In the 1970s Teun Jacob(1927-2009), and KeesVerschuren created a massive land artproject at the first Maasvlakte, entitled 'Steen in water' (Rock in Water). This industrial area in the Port of Rotterdamwas built on land reclaimed from the North Sea in the 1960s. In a period of over five years, adjacent to a power plant, the artists developed an area into the largest work of art in the Netherlands.

Verschuren and Jacob discovered their own form of Land Art. They combined ideas of earthworkin nature with the environmental art of the Arnhem school. Besides planting, they processed many industrial materials such as asphalt and concrete in their design. It took no less than five years before the project was completed. This had to do with the size but also with the prevailing participation culture, typical of the seventies. For Jacob and Verschuren it was hard working; on meetings and exhibitions, there was little interest while afterwards they received all kinds of criticism. The land art of Jacob and Verschuren is slowly disappearing with the advent of new plants and the operation of nature.
The environmental artwork was commissioned by the Government of Rotterdam and the local electric power company, who operated the power plant. In the course of the land art project the land was held in a constant flux of construction, combining "industrial materials with a vegetation structure which had to withstand the North Sea storms." Among other artists, that participated in the project, were Marinus Boezem and Carel Visser.
(from Wikipedia).

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