Sensational Fix zines #4 & #5 RANALDO, Lee Singer, Thurston Moor


Author: Groenenboom (publish and edit)~Ronald
Publisher: Ronald Groenenboom, Rotterdam
Year: 2010
Artist: RANALDO, Lee Singer, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon
ISBN: ISSN: 1877-7643

Sensational Fix zines #4 & #5

148 x 148 x 2 mm, 48pp., Text English

Sensational Fix zines #4 & #5 are bound together in a 48-page booklet. Edition of 500, numbered and

Zine #4 brings together Leah Singer’s Rosemary album and Lee Ranaldo’s Fire Island drawings. Zine #5 combines works by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. Published and edited by Roland Groenenboom, January 2010.

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