Scully~Sean – ‘Inner, Gesammelte Schriften und ausgewählte Interviews’.


Artist: Sean Scully 
Author: Kelly Grovie, Kirsten Claudia Voigt (ed.)
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Year: 2018
ISBN:  9783775743778.

Halfcloth, 336 pages, German, 19.7 x 16.6 cm.
Condition: NEW

Scully, a brilliant observer of our era: around 200 texts, impressions, notes, and conversations, finally in German.

Sean Scully is among the greatest abstract painters of our age. He is also one of the most outspoken. Since the late sixties, Scully’s visual expressiveness has been matched by a verbal dynamism that is no less arresting than his art. Varying widely in form from brief reflections of compressed eloquence to essay-long meditations on artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Giorgio Morandi and Mark Rothko–Scully’s writings are distinguished by a brutal lyricism and the effortlessness of their aphoristic turn of phrase.

At once biographical and political, poignant and unflinching, the nearly 200 texts that comprise Inner: The Collected Writings and Selected Interviews of Sean Scully provide a unique perspective on one of the most engaging artistic imaginations of the past half century. The volume will be accompanied by key images illustrating Scully’s words as well as facsimile reproductions of handwritten pages by the artist into which drawings have been integrated. The volume is now available in German, too.

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