Artist: SCHMIDT~Michael
Publisher: MACK books, London
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781907946585

Clothbound hardcover.104 pages, 63 black & white plates, 17.9 cm x 23.9 cm
Condition: mint

In a series of black and white images of the German landscape made between 1987 and 1997,
Michael Schmidt has forged a new pictorial language to deconstruct the world he
observes. Concerned with light and form, Schmidt's images contain a wealth of
silver tones, a spectrum of rich greys which evolve from light to dark in
mystical, imperceptible gradients. But the black and white filter is also a
tool that allows Schmidt to neutralise the world, impeding the subjective
perception of his viewer. It is through his editorial process, a process of
montage, that Schmidt constructs an interior dialect, fashioning a
self-contained world within the linear sequence of the book.

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