SCHMID~Joachim. A meeting on Holiday.


Publisher: NEROC VGM, Amsterdam
Year: 2004
Artist: SCHMID~Joachim
ISBN: 90-808285-4-8

Joachim Schmid, A meeting on holiday

15×21 cm, softcover in slipcase, Post card book in plastic case. 

A Meeting on Holiday is a set of uncut but hole-punched postcards featuring images of couples on vacation. Taken in restaurants and on beaches or lounging by the pool, they hint at being perfect romantic moments. Postcard poetry of tourist expectations. The uniformity of the visions of what we perceive as relaxing and romantic are under examination here. Romantic moments of course far from our real lives and for the cynical, moments that would last for only a few moments. Meeting on Holiday refers not only to the meeting of couples but to meeting that stereotypical idea of romance and the brief passage of that moment. Published by NEROC VGM in 2004. NEROC VGM is a marketing communications company that produces brochures and billboards. This book was inspired by Neckermann travel brochures produced by NEROC VGM. It comes housed in a plastic rigid slipcase.

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