Santamarina~Victor – ‘A Tale of A Tub’


Author: Erika Roux; and an essay by Marta Echaves
Publisher: Futura Reistenza, Brussels/Rotterdam,
Year: 2021

Booklet with vinyl dubplate, 24 pages, 30 x 30 cm, edition of 40 copies
Condition: new
37 meters of wax pipes, water, lights, motion sensors and aluminium sculptures is a sound archiving publication by Víctor Santamarina, documenting his untitled sculptural installation at A Tale of A Tub in Rotterdam during the summer of 2020. 

The publication includes a self-cut vinyl dubplate of six sound works constructed by Bergur Anderson from field recordings of the installation. 

An accompanying booklet includes photographs of the installation and two poems by Erika Roux; and an essay by curator Marta Echaves (in Spanish) with English translation by Juan Pablo Pacheco.

Víctor Santamarina confronts contemporary concerns from his daily life with traditional and material-based processes. 

His practice explores the potential of sculpture-making as a reintegrated technique in our fast-paced society. 

Santamarina interrupts and flips conventional processes, and facilitates the conditions for interferences, cracks and uncontrolled events. The exploring of the accidental serves as a mantra to escape the stress and overstimulation of contemporary society.

Published in an edition of 40 copies by Futura Reistenza, Brussels/Rotterdam, 2021

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