Ruijter, Gerco de & Peter Delpeut – Footprint*


Author: Peter Delpeut
Publisher: FW: Books
Year: 2022
ISBN: 978-90-832251-5-9

Publication in the form of a very ingenious map.
Cloth.cover, 64 pages, English
Design: Hans Gremmen
Condition: NEW

Every year, The Best Dutch Book Designs celebrates the best products of the graphic industry in the Netherlands: 33 books made with heart and soul. Books set apart by the combination of great design and commissioning with high-quality lithography, printing and bindings.
'Footprint' is one of books in 2022.
‘Footprint’ explores ways of mapping information and aerial and satellite photography of the landscape. Together with writer and filmmaker Peter Delpeut, artist Gerco de Ruijter set out on a visual investigation into a phenomenon they encountered on Google Earth while looking at airports. In the winter, planes are stripped of ice. The stencil of an aeroplane remains on the concrete, just long enough for the satellite to photograph it. Do these giant drawings of aeroplanes really belong on a map, or is Google Earth not a map, but a unique image of the world? Designer Hans Gremmen created a folding “map” that provides a range of combinations between image and text.

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