Rudelius, Julika – Looking at the Other Five Video Works


Author: Authors: Sven Lütticken, Julika Rudelius
Publisher: Valiz
Year: 2005
ISBN: ISBN 90-78088-05-2

paperback | 104 pp. | 28 x 21,5 cm (h x w) | English |
Condition: very good
Julika Rudelius is fascinated by the behaviour and personal motivations of people around her. In her subtly staged video works, businessmen reflect on their relationship with money, young men talk openly about girls, and women explain how they reach their ‘highest point’. Looking at the Other contains stills from five of Rudelius’ video works, along with complete transcripts of these videos. These are preceded by an essay by Sven Lütticken analyzing Rudelius’ techniques of montage and multiple projection. He examines her precise, sometimes acerbic observations of both group behaviour and individual idiosyncrasies within larger social patterns. The essay focuses on Rudelius’ portrayal of the individual as a representative of the masses, as a reproduction of particular sartorial and behavioural conventions.

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