RUBENS~Peter Paul. Rubens and the Netherlands.


Author: Jong (ed.), A. Hottle , F. Vermeylen, U. Heinen, I. Schaudies etc.~Jan de
Publisher: Uitgeverij Waanders b.v., Zwolle
Year: 2006
Artist: RUBENS~Peter Paul
ISBN: 90 400 9109 9

Rubens and the Netherlands.

Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek. Volume 55.

Bilingual English and Dutch text. 2006, 4to., 368 pp., 167 ill., 26cm., hardcover.

Includes: F. Vermeylen “Antwerp Beckons: The Reason for Rubens’ Return to the Netherlands in 1608,” A. Hottle “Commerce and Connections, Peter Paul Rubens and the Dedicated Print,” U. Heinen “Rubens’ Pictorial Diplomacy at War (1637/1638),” I. Schaudies “New Light on the Mediation of Caravaggio in the Southern Netherlands,” etc.

Most accounts of Rubens represent the artist in his cosmopolitan European aspect, in line with his demonstrable interests and ambitions. Although such interpretations are typically attentive to the ways in which political, socioeconomic, and cultural circumstances and traditions in the Netherlands inflected his persona and work, the interaction between Netherlandish contingencies and translocal ambition has rarely been the sustained object of Rubens studies.

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