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Author: Konrad Bitterli, Bernhard Mendes Bürgi, Laurence Boss, Bice Curiger, Jaqueline Burckhardt, Christoph Doswald, Birgit Kempker, Eva Meyer-Hermann
Publisher: Oktagon Verlag, Keulen
Year: 1998
Artist: RIST~Pipilotti
ISBN: 3-89611-072-1

Hardcover with loose CD and poster of inslallation .
Conceived by Pipilotti Rist and Thomas Rhyner. Cologne 1999. Catalog raisonné with essays by  and a complete Exhibition directory. Format 20.5 x 25.5 cm. 208 pages with 245 color illustrations. Text in German and English. 
Condition: mint
'This book, along with new and changed stuff, is a remix from my first and second book', explains Pipilotti Rist for the introduction, and so the present publication unites current picture sequences of the video artist with highlights from the long out of print volumes. 
The procedural redesign of the book arises automatically from Pipilotti's way of working, the lively forwards, backwards and into each other projecting in her videos. You have to ??? they don't actually introduce them anymore, Pipilotti Rist's brilliant-cheeky-fantastic bands and pieces of music have become so well known in the meantime. But be careful, Eva Meyer-Hermann warns, you shouldn't let yourself be swept away by the seductively entertaining surfaces of Pipilotti Rist's video tapes about their real topics: ???? You are affected in a way that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with our instinctive greed for sensation. ???? Pipilotti Rist's works carry the iconography of our culture and play lasciviously with its dangers and pleasures.

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