PICASSO~Pablo – a contemporary dialoque


Author: Elizabeth Stuart e.a.
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Publisher: Galerie Thaddeus Rapac, Salzburg
Year: 1996
ISBN: 3-89-466-174-7

Hardcover, dust jacket, 30x25 cm,  160 pp., English.
Condition: near fine
 "Exploring Picasso's continuing impact on contemporary art, this catalog juxtaposes more than 60 paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints spanning the career of the celebrated Spanish artist with some 40 diverse works produced chiefly in the 1990s by Hockney , Lichtenstein, Johns, Baselitz, Serra, Lupertz, Paladino, Clemente, Schnabel, Sherman and twelve other international figures whose pieces reflect provocative, often obliquely allusive responses to Picasso's protean achievements."

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