Petersen, Anders / Engström, J.H. – From Back Home.*


Publisher:  Bokförlaget Max Ström
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-9-17126-164-9

hardcover with dust jacket, 320 pages, first edition.
Condition: NEW
"From Back Home", a photo book co-produced by Swedish photographer Anders Petersen and JH Engström. Petersen is a veteran photographer who has been releasing masterpieces such as "Gröna Lund (1973)" and "Café Lehmitz (1978)" for more than 40 years since the 1970s. On the other hand, JH Engström is one of the leading figures in the current photographic world, having released many conceptual works such as "Härbärge / Shelter (1997)" and "Trying to Dance (2003)". 

This book is a homage to the hometown of a Swedish photographer, and consists of illustrations taken in a rural town. Is the first half a little modest for Petersen? Monochrome, the latter half is a group of color-based works by Engström. Although the expression method is different, it makes me feel similar somewhere, and the common denominator may be "love" for my country. A wonderful collaboration between rare photographers. Published in Parr & Badger Vol. III.

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