KOOIKER~Paul; Seminar


Publisher: Van Zoetendaal publishers, Amsterdam
Year: 2006
Artist: Kooiker~Paul

Paul Kooiker, Seminar

Paperback with dust jacket, 20 x 15,5 cm, 32 pp.,
30 photo’s in duotone (black and magenta),
edition of 500 copies.


Seminar is filled with cropped and grainy photographs of a woman’s feet clad in modest but sexy black, French court shoes with kitten heels and a bow and eyelet in the back. Every image has the appearance of being surreptitiously snapped by a seminarstalker, as it were—we catch glimpses of the woman taking notes and sitting in the audience in a folding metal chair. Kooiker has given every image in the book a pink overwash, which only serves to overemphasize the femininity of the work.
The effect is thoroughly engrossing (it also helps to be attracted to heels) and much like reading a short story. In this case, Seminar embodies the effect that Lewis Baltz has stated so clearly: ‘It might be more useful, if not necessarily true, to think of photography as a narrow, deep area between the novel and film. (publisher information)


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