ANHALT~Michael – documentaire Hester Overmars – Verboden Vlucht


Author: Hester Overmars
Publisher: Zuidenwind Filmproductions
Year: 2014
Artist: Hester Overmars

54 minutes
German language
English and Dutch subtitled


Hester Overmars – Verboden Vlucht

June 19th, 1983. At a clearing in a forest close to the East-German city of Teichel, Thomas and Gundula Anhalt secretly put together an aircraft. Their oldest son Michael is being turned into a small soldier for the socialist state at school and their youngest daughter Isabell is only three years old. Longing for freedom and a better future for their children, Thomas and Gundula want to escape life under a communist regime. However, their activities in the windy field don’t go unnoticed. The family is arrested and sentenced to prison Thirty years later the family members look back on the events, which are still a determining factor in their lives. What were the consequences of their attempted escape for the relationships within the family? And did the parents eventually manage to realize their dream of leading a life of freedom together with their children?