Ono~Yoko- Agnès b., Point d’ironie # 31


Rédacteur en chef: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Publisher: Agnès b., Paris
Year: 2003

Softcover, double folded, 30,5 x 43,4 cm, 8 page artist's publication.
condition: mint
A hybrid publication, half newspaper, half poster. The series originated during a discussion between agnes b., Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Each issue gives carte blanche to an artist to appropriate the space of the paper.
Yoko Ono, born in Tokyo in 1933, lives and works in New York. An active member of the FLUXUS movement since its creation in the sixties, she married John Lennon in 1969, and together they created a link between the avant-garde and Rock. By constantly pushing the boundaries of various media – film, performance, writing, sound, music, interactive installation – she prevents the categorization of her artistic practice. Her work is often inspired by her private life, by the social role of women and their emancipation, and by her political convictions.

For « point d’ironie », Yoko Ono has created a specific form of a work imagined in 2002, FROM MY WINDOW, Salem 1692. From her window overlooking the city of New York, and through time, the artist superimposes and merges portraits of herself in childhood and youth with an ancient story: the trial of a young woman accused of witchcraft.


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