Newton, Helmut – Big Nudes*


Author: Karl Lagerfeld 
Publisher: Shirmer - Art Books
Year: 1990
ISBN: 3-88814-399-3

Hardcover with dust jacket, 88 pages, English
Condition: Mint
Publisher's Description
"In Helmut Newton's monumental nude photographs in black and white, which circled the globe in exhibitions, continuously enhancing his reputation, a new female image emerged at the start of the eighties: self-confident, boldly presented, espousing more the physical cult of body building than the ethereal world of luxury and fashion. Instead of discrete charm, Newton's women self-assuredly flex their muscles, and the observer is left to decide what they are posing as: athletes, Amazons, Crusaders without fig leaves, as undressed industrial magnates, as mere industrial products or simply as naked facts."-

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