Lüpertz, Markus – Mythos und Metamorphose


Author: Andrea Madesta
Publisher: Snoeck
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-940953-64-3

Hardcover with dust jacket, 144 pages, English / German, 24,6 x 31 cm
Condition: NEW
Instead of presenting the bigger paintings and sculptures that especially formed Lüpertz work this volume rather focuses on his drawings. Looking closely, the beauty of his drawings is revealed and they are probably even the most beautiful part of his work. The gross and heroic aspects, the mutilation and the appearance of ancient characteristics that are a decisive factor of his bigger works is missing, the variety of forms rather seems to be coming immediately from his process of drawing. The Bozzetti also reveal a clarity that has a physical tendency.

Drawing and sculpture interact in an intimate dialogue, which often reveals the inner tension more precisely than other of Markus Lüpertz works. That's why Andrea Madesta has created a very unique and updated view on Lüpertz work.

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