LeWitt, Sol, From Montehuco to Spoleto / December 1976*


Author: Sol Lewitt
Publisher: Stedelijk van Abbemuseum / Openbaar kunstbezit
Year: 1984
ISBN: 9789065150257

Softcover, sewn bound, 40 pages, English, 25.5 x 25.5 cm.
Condition: very good,
Artist's book by Sol LeWitt. Gridded photographs from his trip from Monteluco to Spoleto, Italy in 1976. He applies a grid onto the landscape he walks through. Each of the forty pages – including the front and back cover – is grided off into nine squares. The resulting 360 images can be read as a progression or as distinct inventories of colors, textures, skies, rocks, walls, and other forms.

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