Kosuth~Joseph – Wittgenstein, Het spel van de naamloze – The Play of The Unsayable


Author:  Kosuth, Joseph (Author); Huys, Marcel (Author); Köb, Edelbert (Author)
Publisher: Vienna, Austria: Wiener Secession
Year: 1989
ISBN: 3900803269

Hardcover, 240 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm + 1 folded leaf (13 pages). Dutch, German, English. 26 x22 cm
Condition: very good

Kosuth uses Wittgenstein's critique of language as a basis for examining the concept and functioning of art. Associating art with indirect assertions where meanings cannot be said directly but can only he shown through the structure of its own articulation, Kosuth refers to this as art's self-referentiality and defines art as "a play within the meaning system of art"; he argues for an art that considers the uses of the elements within the work and their function within the larger cultural and social framework. Brief biographical notes on some of the 84 participating artists.


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