Koons, Jeff


Author: Eckhard Schneider, Alison Gingeras.
Publisher: Walther König 
Year: 2001
ISBN: 9783883755151

Hardcover with dust jacket, 134 pages, German & English, 24 x 28 cm.
Condition: NEW
The man who enshrined a hoover vacuum and a basketball, who created a life-sized polychromed wood replica of Michael Jackson and his pet chimp Bubbles, who transfered his sex life with Italian porn star wife Ilona Staller into art, and who made a monumental topiary sculpture in the shape of a puppy, is back! After a seven-year hiatus from the public eye, bad boy Jeff Koons returns in this comprehensive and overdue survey of his work of the past five years. Three elaborate, highly-produced series are presented, including the joyously effusive "Celebration," an ambitious body of 16 photo-realist paintings and 20 stainless steel sculptures that draw upon the symbols and objects associated with the observance of life's festive rituals.

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