König~Kasper (Kuki Benski) – My Country ‘Tis of Thee, West Germany, 1968, (Four Views)’*


Author: Kasper König
Publisher: The Letter Edged in Black Press, Inc., New York
Year: 1968
SMS-portfolio 1 

Four photographs, each with a hand-drawn outline of a television screen on a vellum overlay through with is viewed from four angles a German housewife serving herself a slice from a Black Forest cake. 13 x 13 cm.
Condition: very good
S.M.S (Shit Must Stop) is a collection of artist’s portfolios that are conceived by William Copley and Dimitri Petrov as they speak about the long relationships with the artists. The collection has been publishediweekly from February to December 1968. Each issue is composed of diverse art pieces, created by individual artist that were important at that period. The portfolios has a wide range of different aspects such as dada, surrealism, and pop art that includes photography, sound, drawings and writings.Six portfolios containing eleven to thirteen objects were produced in unsigned editions of 2000.[2] There were 100 copies for a deluxe edition. Almost all of the 73 artists solely signed their contributions for the deluxe portfolio, while a few others chose to sign, number and/or date. Reportedly, there were also a very small handful of artists who did not sign at all.This project has been inspired by the Fluxus movement, which encouraged diverse artists to come together as a form of a protest against galleries, not agreeing to them having the authority to determine the value of art. So by bringing artist together without any establishments, which by means, without being judged and determined, played equally in their specific art areas.[6] Each portfolio within the issue, is a dossier about the subject of personal impressions, and the way to establish their relationship between artist’s impulse and impersonal meanings of practical reproduction. After merging them with the daily life, “Shit must Stop” shows the artist how to come to terms with forces that often drive them into the seclusion of the studio. (Wikipedia)

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