J & B – Special Treats, Street Special*


Author: Edo Dijksterhuis
Publisher: Waanders Uitgevers, Zwolle
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9789462624146

Softcover, 184 pages, English, 1000 copies, 21 x 29 x 13
Design: Laucke Siebein (Amsterdam, Berlijn)
Condition: NEW

Every year, The Best Dutch Book Designs celebrates the best products of the graphic industry in the Netherlands: 33 books made with heart and soul. Books set apart by the combination of great design and commissioning with high-quality lithography, printing and bindings.
'J&B - Special Treats, Street Special'
is one of the books in 2022.

J&B are streetcombers. They collect stickers, posters, slogans, shouts and mutterings from public spaces. They incorporate these into artworks that reflect the street and thus life, with all the raw honesty, inequality, incongruity and sometimes ingrained hypocrisy that goes with it. J&B makes installations and sculptures, but also operates in self-developed media such as the garbage bag painting and the grinder drawing. Special Treats, Street Special shows a cross-section of their oeuvre in an appropriate manner: with a disregard for the rules and the dirt of the street under their nails. This is not a book for ón the coffee table, but one that goes right through it.
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