HORVERS~Toine – ‘Bewegingen / Movements, 1980-1990’


Author: Toine Horvers
Artist: Toine Horvers en Henk Geraedts (photography)
Publisher: Toine Horvers, Rotterdam
Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-9-08-300382-5

Artistbook, hardcover, number of pages: 400
measurements: 25 x 21 x 2.5 cm. Tekst in English and Dutch
Condition: new
Toine Horvers' artworks in space and time, photographed by Henk Geraedts.
Between 1980 and 1990 photographer Henk Geraedts captured Toine Horvers' movement-performances in sequences of analogue black and white photographs.
The of camara position, shooting rate and exposure settings have resulted in more than pure registration. The book 'Movments' represents 12 performances. 
Each photo series has his own interval between shots, determined by the course of the performance in time and space. 
Each sequence is preceded by a brief descriptive tekst in Dutch and English.

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