Heizer, Michael


Author:  Germano Celant
Publisher: Fondazione Prada, Milan
Year: 1996
ISBN: 8887029016

Softcover, 548 pages, English / Italian, 30 x 24 x 5,5 cm
Condition: very good
This artist's work, modernist and bold, often re-problematizes the relation between man and nature, challenging how space is demarcated and related to. Largely known in the United States for work which involved driving a motorcycle in the desert to create massive, mysterious patterns, this publication is the first full-scale presentation of his ideas. Heizer's huge sculptures and semi-geometrical patterns in the desert are a bold act of large-scale markmarking, while also suggesting the more troublesome aspects of man's use of nature. With more than 500 pages of reproductions, spanning all stages of his career, this is the most extensive publication on the artist ever produced.

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