Hasegawa & Dan Graham~Itsuko – Agnès b., Point d’ironie # 8


Rédacteur en chef: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Publisher: Agnès b., Paris
Year: 1998

Softcover, double folded, 30,5 x 43,4 cm, 8 page artist's publication.
condition: mint
A hybrid publication, half newspaper, half poster. The series originated during a discussion between agnes b., Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Each issue gives carte blanche to an artist to appropriate the space of the paper.
The Japanese City - fluctuation city. An unfinished process. The Japanese city has a beauty that is inseparable from the changes of the seasons. However, it also exists within extreme social shifts, perpetually incomplete within this changing process. Fluctuation (yuragi) is an ancient Japanese word with nuances of both freedom and dissipation. It can be interpreted as the layering of two systems at different speeds, whose chande cannot be accurately predicted.

It has been proven that the rhythm of a living body, the murmur of streams, and many other natural phenomena can be described through the fundamental fluctuation formula 1/f. The structure of many fractal patterns also fall into this rhythm. By stimulating the body is made more confortable and even behaviour can be affected. "Fluctuation architecture" incorporates these rhythms to form complex places layered with this physicality.



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